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Professional production of various types of fans

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Fan industry and long-term technology development vision and recommendations

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I. Introduction Fans generally fall into two categories, is an important device in the sophisticated products (mainly referring to the turbine compressor), most used in the process, part of a longer period of continuous operation of the product. 
Gas turbine is used for the carriage of machinery in general. According to their level of exhaust pressure, is divided into fan, blower and turbine compressors.Their classification can be divided into centrifugal fan, axial fan, Yip blower, Roots blower, centrifugal compressor and axial compressors and other 7 categories. 
The quality of these products requires a good, high reliability. The other is in a wide range of large and small fan, its main requirements for such products more efficient (energy), low noise and low prices. 
Fan industry of its general guiding principle should be: to highlight the market-oriented, closely around the market demand, strengthen the domestic and international market research and forecasting, wind turbine applications to expand and enhance the market's rapid response capability, to improve fan product market competitiveness and market share for national economic development and make greater contribution. 
Second, the industry technology development status and the main problems 
1, the basic situation 
Currently there are 7 categories of products the fan industry, more than 300 series, more than 6000 specifications. Some products have reached or approached international advanced level, but there are still many fans yet reached the international advanced level, still has to import; as well as a considerable number of products (mostly fan) oversupply, there is a certain number of fan manufacturers at a loss. The fan branch member companies, for example, 16 loss-making enterprises in 2005 (accounting for 12.2% of the total number of member companies), eight loss-making enterprises in 2006 (representing 5.8% of the total number of member companies), nine loss-making enterprises in 2007 (accounting for reporting Member 7.3% of total number of enterprises) months. 
2, the main level of product technology 
(1) split level structure of the centrifugal compressor, close to the international level of similar products. 
(2) axis isothermal centrifugal compressor for the 80 years the international level. 
(3) The gear assembly of centrifugal compressor for the international level of the 1990s. 
(4) single-axis high-speed centrifugal blowers for the international level of the 1990s. 
(5) axial compressor close to the international level of similar products. 
(6) general-purpose centrifugal blowers 80 years of international level. 
(7) Roots blower part of the product close to the international level of similar products. 
(8) drum boiler centrifugal induced draft fan 80 years the international level. 
(9) variable pitch axial flow fan for 80 years level. 
(10) radial fan to accelerate the international level of the 1990s. 
(11) mixed flow fan for 90 years the international level. 
(12) mine axial fan 80 years of international level. 

3, the main problems 
(1) of independent innovation capacity is clearly insufficient 
Fan industry is characterized by the vast majority of SMEs, most of these SMEs lack the technical capability of independent innovation. Innovative ability of some of the key enterprises, due to busy with production, research and development can not be taken into account. Cause some varieties of performance parameters and there is a certain gap between the needs of the user, can not fully meet the needs of users. 
(2) the lack of after sales service 
For the turbine compressor, the factory production capacity is not strong support, a longer production cycle (some users do not sign a contract in accordance with international practice, imposed on the manufacturer's delivery time is too short), delivery is not timely, pre-service can not make customer satisfaction. 
(3) the appearance of poor quality 
For the towers, the small fan, the product structure and manufacturing process is relatively simple, low cost. Therefore, the user of the product price first. There is commonality between these products is that the surface or the appearance of poor quality. Whether welding, sheet metal, or paint, compared with foreign products, a big gap. 
Third, the situation facing the fan market and technology trends 
1, the total fan product technology trends 
(1) a large fan capacity continues to increase. With the thermal power, petroleum, chemical and metallurgical plant of large-scale, need various types of large turbine compressors, blowers and fans. 
(2) the development of high pressure low flow centrifugal compressors. 
(3) efficient. With the national economy, the development requirements on energy saving, efficient fan will be the development trend of the product. 
(4) high-speed small. The use of various types of three-dimensional flow impeller fans, in efficiency, while smaller in size, weight. Increase the fan speed is also an important way of miniaturization. 
(5) low-noise technology. Fan noise is the most important industrial production of noise pollution. Large-scale and high-speed fan to make noise more pronounced, reducing fan noise become critical. 
(6) computer integrated manufacturing system in the fan has been widely used.With computers and the rapid development of automation technology, commonly used by fan manufacturers computer integrated manufacturing technology.Development of computer technology, industrial automation level to drive continuous improvement. With a variety of industrial devices continues to expand, demand for production process control, from the past, the development of a single working parameters to control the multi-state parameter control, from the original device-specific control of the entire device into a comprehensive control, in order to better meet the requirements of the production process. 

2, the situation facing the fan market 

(1) demand characteristics 
Fan part of the product is widely used in national economic sectors a wide range of large medium and small fan; another part of the major device for supporting large-scale turbine compressor and fan. 

Demand for the product features are: a wide range of large medium and small fan, the user is the main goal of high efficiency, low noise and long life; big fan of turbine compressor and the main goal is the pursuit of high reliability, smooth operation and long operating cycle. 

(2) the structure of demand 
① General ventilation with a fan 
Fans are the most common type of industrial fans, most in demand, manufacturers are up to. 
② Special Purpose Fans 
Special purposes, including anti-corrosion fan blower, heat resistant fans and blower. Type of fan demand, though not great, but the special operating environment, require separate treatment. The materials of such fans are more specific, such as stainless steel fans, fiberglass fans, plastic fans, metal and rubber lining fan blade surface coating, welding wear-resistant material and so on. 
③ Roots Blower 
The most important feature of such fans is that when the pressure within the allowable range to be adjusted, the flow rate has changed little; pressure range is wide, with a mandatory special gas card. Mainly used in smelting, paper making, aquaculture and sewage treatment, and a variety of low-pressure pneumatic conveying system, air machinery. 
④ turbine compressor 
Need to place the main turbine compressor is the major sets of equipment in the national economy, its performance requirements of both the need for high pressure, they need to flow. Such as blast furnace, a large oil refinery, a large fertilizer plant, a large chemical plant, large-scale ethylene plant, a large air separation devices. 
The demand for such products, according to the total number of fan units to measure, although the number is not large, but because of the complex structure of these products, high technology, so the price is more expensive. Market of such products is the situation facing foreign competition, domestic products because such products account for about 50% of the market. Domestic enterprises and foreign companies bid for the domestic major equipment projects, forcing foreign companies to maximize price, maintaining national industrial interests. 
General fan market, the overall situation is oversupply. 
Fourth, long-term prediction market 
According to the National fans over the years and the country's industrial output value of output statistics, consider increasing the proportion of annual production, according to an annual increase of 10% predicted, total fans in 2015 - 12.37 million units between 1215. Member of the fan within the enterprise branch, 2015 fans are expected to reach 200 million units total about. 
Blower fan industry classification based on high-quality statistics over the years to predict the output of centrifugal compressor 450 a 2015 465 units, axial flow compressors up to 300 units, made up of the compressor market share of 60% to 70%. 
Corporate member of the fan branch prediction, by 2015 industrial output value will reach 215 to 290 billion yuan, sales income can reach 210 ~ 280 billion. 
Fifth, the main gap with foreign products 
1, turbine compressor 

These products include centrifugal compressors, axial compressors and axial - composite centrifugal compressor. The main gap in the following three aspects. 
(1) Although such products have been carried out technology transfer, such as Shenyang Blower Works (Group) Co., Ltd. slope from the Italian company has introduced new MCL, BCL and PCL series centrifugal compressor design and manufacturing technology from Japan-based Hitachi introduced the DHcompressor technology introduced from Germany, Demag vK-type centrifugal pressure compressor assembly technology; Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd. Sulzer from Switzerland to introduce axial compressor technology. Domestic turbine compressor technology has played a catalytic role. However, for these products because new product development, research is not enough (the production company engaged in manufacturing, ignoring research, scientific research is inadequate; research institutes and universities no production base), resulting in some varieties of performance parameters and the user's need to existlarge gap, can not fully meet the needs of users. 
(2) Some products, though little difference between performance parameters, or essential to meet user needs, but do not produce results or performance of small enterprises, it is difficult to obtain the trust of users, often in the bid to be eliminated. For example, the West-East natural gas pipeline transmission with centrifugal compressor did not choose the domestic product that is an example. 
(3) factory production capacity is not complete, not on time delivery, after sales service can not make customer satisfaction. 
2 fans 
For the towers, the small fan, the product structure and manufacturing process is relatively simple, low cost. Users tend to price the first place. Imports of these products rarely, except in very special purpose and import of complete sets of equipment and supporting facilities, the fan is basically made to meet the needs of national economic sectors. There is commonality between these products is, first, the product structure is not reasonable for the user, not a simple, maintenance, maintenance is not convenient enough; followed by the appearance of the surface or poor quality. Can not be compared with similar foreign products. 
Six points of professional product technology development plan 
l, development strategy and guidelines 
Fan industry with other machinery industries, are from a planned economy to market economy gradually. The face of fierce market competition at home and abroad and rapid technological progress in the trend, fan industry must be "market-oriented, great loss, to accelerate the pace of reform and restructuring, to optimize product structure, technological innovation and services improve the ability to maintain sustained development, "the guiding ideology. 
Prominent market-oriented to strengthen the domestic and international market research and forecasts, and accelerate marketing network, and enhance their ability to respond to market quickly, increase market share. 
Maximize the domestic major equipment projects, with foreign companies bidding to force foreign companies to cut prices to maintain the important role of national industrial interests. 
Insist on focus, support to foster superior products and enterprises to form and expand the development of the industry-led, and to promote the entire industry. 

Vigorously promote business co-operation with relevant research institutions to improve the new product, new technology development capability. 
Implementation of the digestion and absorption of imported technology combined with self-developed technology development strategy. 
Accelerate the pace of reform and restructuring, a new mechanism to establish a standard action, promote development. From start to adjust production and management methods, guidance, and guide enterprises to establish a market-oriented, scientific, modern and flexible and efficient management mechanism, to produce a combination of management and capital operation, seeking new economic growth point out a new the road. 
Speed ​​up the adjustment of product structure, improve resource utilization, improve product quality and production efficiency. Transformation of economic growth, putting the focus from the past on the scale, production, distribution of repeated and gradually transformed into thick Cantonese-style technology innovation, expand service areas, to expand from a single wind turbine products for engineering, general contracting, as well as turnkey projects. Gradually out of the old traditional product manufacturing, to achieve an integrated focus on systems engineering, and system services to strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, specialization and cooperation in the implementation of a large market development, brand building and match of virtual manufacturing industry development. 
2, the planning objectives 
(1) axial compressor 
On the basis of the introduction of technology through the introduction of restructuring, grafting new technology to further enhance the technical content of the existing axial compressor, and strengthen the core technology, expanding the application fields. Development of composite axial + centrifugal compressor (the project currently is still blank). 
(2) centrifugal blowers 
To improve efficiency in order to meet the energy requirements, the newly developed centrifugal blowers are used three-dimensional flow impeller, the flow of the larger units, high-speed, single-stage triple-double suction impeller, using a unique flexible shaft rotor structure. 
And tertiary institutions to develop high-speed single-stage centrifugal blower, the speed will reach 8000 ~ 20000r/min. The goal is to achieve zero leakage, as adjustable speed, impeller design using three-dimensional flow theory, high efficiency, low noise and compact. 
(3) fan 
① axial fan 
The introduction of variable pitch, variable pitch axial fan static pressure, based on the technology, through digestion, absorption and secondary development to form their own complete line of products to meet the needs of different uses. 
② centrifugal fan 
To conscientiously implement the guiding principles of national energy-saving noise reduction, so that large amount of fan industry in a wide range of centrifugal machine through the machine as soon as possible replacement. 
(4) centrifugal compressor 
To complete the 1 million tons / year ethylene plant with a cracked gas compressor, the compressor of ethylene and propylene compressors; 600,000 tons / year PTA (terephthalic acid) plant with a compressor; large-scale aromatics plant with a recycle hydrogen compressor; to carry out trial development of Siamese expansion compressor work; 52000 m3 / h air separation plant with a compressor above; large-scale coal chemical plant with a compressor; large methanol plant with a compressor; a large oil refinery with a rich gas, hydrogen and hydrogen cycle compressor; long-distance pipeline transportation of natural gas centrifugal compressor; gas-steam cycle power plant with a gas compressor; to receive liquefied natural gas compressor and so on. 
3, planning points 
(A) new technologies and new product development planning points 
(1) large-scale air separation plant with a centrifugal compressor cylinder axis, multi-technology development and improvement. 
(2) centrifugal compressor, light medium, small flow of basic-level development and efficiency of the flow field analysis, to meet the fertilizer, coal chemical compressor needs. 
(3) 100,000 m3 / h the following centrifugal oxygen compressor included in the localization of research objectives. 
(4) successfully developed China's first piece in the centrifugal compressor impeller whole milled three yuan closed (is fill the gaps, breaking the foreign companies in the field of technology block, only two companies worldwide to master the technology) based on the accumulation of experience, so that the cutting-edge technologies to further improve. 
(5) gas dynamics software development and application design. 
Gas dynamics is the core technology of centrifugal compressor, centrifugal compressor gas dynamics of modern research is based on three-dimensional flow field calculation, viscous flow analysis for the signs. To carry out research in this area so that the development of basic-level design, analysis means to achieve the international advanced level. 
In the introduction Belgium NUMECA, U.S. NREC analysis software and design software designed to receive domestic Chinese Academy of Sciences on the basis of further research to expand its scope of application. Such as light medium, heavy traffic, high-energy first-class basic income performance prediction; transonic calculations, any three yuan curved blade, split blade computing. 
(6) the reliability of the unit 
The smooth running of the unit and the operation cycle length is an important criterion to measure the quality of the compressor. To this end, to carry out the compressor, vibration, etc. to improve the accuracy of calculating the reliability of new products, provide technical support. 
① ANSYS structural analysis software 
The introduction of the stator parts for a typical finite element analysis, based on proprietary software, to further expand the application areas, such as various forms of the compressor impeller static and dynamic analysis; the stator structure of the overall strength and stiffness analysis. 
② rotor - bearing - sealing system nonlinear dynamic properties analysis software 
Manufacturing companies and university cooperation, development, expansion of the compressor rotor system for vibration stability analysis software. Solve the nonlinear rotor system instability problems occurred. 
(B) new processes, new materials research planning points 
(1) research and application of new materials 
① the development of alternative technologies for the introduction of high-strength alloy impeller and high-strength structural steel 520B precipitation hardening stainless steel forgings to reduce costs, thus greatly reducing the impeller manufacturing costs. 
② ethylene refrigeration compressor for low temperature research and application materials 
In the present, based on research done for -105 ℃ low temperature steel and applications. 

(2) Welding Technology 
Most centrifugal compressor casing has been changed to welded chassis, but mostly hand-welding, semi-automatic welding of chassis, as well as automated welding would be to study development. 
Centrifugal compressor impeller using the world's advanced mixed-gas melting pole gas shielded arc welding, process and make it more perfect, will further improve the welding efficiency, reduce costs and achieve semi-automatic, to reduce welding deformation, which is the centrifugal compressor impeller weldingmethod of major change. 
Seven, the implementation of key points 

1, technology transfer, joint ventures and technical cooperation through 
(1) To implement the national energy saving policy, intended to introduce the most advanced blast over pressure turbine power generation technology. 
(2) in cooperation with the U.S. company GE and Sichuan Gas Transmission, based on the long distance natural gas pipeline compressor on the new project. 
(3) and the German MAN turbine companies, which keep up technically, so that axial compressor design and manufacturing technology in the world leading level. 
(4) the introduction of the United States HB's piece has a world-class multi-stage gear-driven centrifugal blower technology, and joint ventures. 

2, the industry focus on supporting the development of varieties and enterprise manufacturing capacity analysis 
(1) fan 
As a large fan industry fan wide range of products, its goal is to support the development of key energy-saving products. One axial fan manufacturers have carried out several domestic technology transfer. 
Centrifugal fan, fan branch being arranged by the Xi'an Jiaotong University, Institute of Fluid Machinery spectrum responsible for the new series of development and design work, after trial, after the full line of performance tests 
Industry promotion. 
(2) turbine compressor 
As the axial compressor and centrifugal compressor in the important areas of national importance, its high technology, design and manufacturing is difficult, it is the industry's focus on supporting the development of the species. In particular 
It is the axial - composite centrifugal compressor, currently still a blank, is the emphasis of support objects. 
(3) analysis of enterprise manufacturing capacity 
Turbine compressor capable of producing the country's only Shenyang Blower Works (Group) Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Blower Works Co., Ltd.. Other manufacturers produce only the blower and fan. Production accounted for the vast majority of fans. As the fan structure is relatively simple, not too complicated production process, many small businesses are able to produce, but in the process equipment, processing equipment, different, and thus the product quality, especially the appearance of quality varied. 

3, the proposed development of new product varieties 
Development of new products to be many kinds, can only list the major technology areas of the small turbine compressor varieties. 
(1) Petroleum and Chemical 
Rich gas compressors, hydrogen compressors, FCC main air blower, compressor ethylene, propylene compressor cracked gas compressor, chlorine compressors, compressor methanol, xylene acid with pressure 
Shrinking machine, synthesis gas compressor, carbon dioxide compressor, ammonia refrigeration compressor. 
(2) coal chemical industry 
Coal liquefaction (hydrogen production, hydrocracking), coal gasification (gas-making, synthetic) compressor and compressor utilization of coal. 
(3) air separation plant 
For the fertilizer plant, oxygen plant compressor with an air separation unit. 
(4) blast furnace 
Axial compressor; gas - steam cycle power generation project with matching gas compressor. 
(5) natural gas transmission 
Long-distance natural gas pipeline centrifugal compressor. 
(6) Wind Power 
Fan industry enterprises, only Shanghai Blower Works Co., Ltd. introduced a 5kW small wind turbine; Baoding Propeller Factory introduced a 100kW wind turbine in Germany. This is a potentially large market, by 2015 wind power will total 15 million kilowatts, high-capacity fans need more than 20,000 units. 
Eight, policy measures and recommendations 

l, relevant government departments should be clear about the leadership of several important concepts in the fan industry 

(1) Fans of the industry's contribution to national 
Fan industry in some products (mainly turbine compressor) has become a major technology and equipment supporting an important product. Contribution to the country not only in how much profit generated, the number of paid state taxes, it is not only to the number of foreign national, provincial, it is important that the fan industry key enterprises in domestic major projects, especially turbine compressor bid to force the foreign investors have a substantial price reduction, which is a few key enterprises fan industry real value is that it is an important contribution to the country. 

(2) The State should recognize and publicize the concept of 

① major equipment manufacturers have engaged in domestic 
First, China is a socialist country, for commercial or political considerations technological monopoly, the developed countries in cutting-edge technology and key equipment, technology transfer, export to China has been blocked. 
Second, as a sovereign state, in particular, has a large country with 1.3 billion people, from the perspective of economic security, we must have a strong national industry. China's modernization must not wishful thinking lies in the foreign body. 
Third, only with a certain amount of manufacturing capacity, to cooperate with foreign companies or trade in a good position. 
Fourth, the world's major industrial countries are based on the development of equipment based on the Chinese to become industrialized powers, but also must have its own strong major equipment manufacturing industry. 

② the procurement of major equipment product-oriented government should intervene and 
Major equipment products (such as turbine compressors) is mainly used for national key projects, large-scale technical transformation of enterprises, so demand for it is the subject of national or state-owned enterprises to purchase major equipment product is more of a government action, rather than individual consumer behavior. Government procurement projects, not the market behavior, at least not entirely market behavior, the state must be given in terms of policy intervention and guidance. 

③ the state should intervene and guide the main content 
The country should increase the cost of major equipment developed support; establishment of a "domestic incentives" to encourage manufacturing companies to develop, produce domestic equipment, the user priority to the use of domestic equipment; on the domestic equipment manufacturing industry has the ability to have localized, but difficult to implement the project by relying on domestic enterprises, the State should be in funding arrangements, loan interest, the repayment time Deng give preferential treatment; view of the major equipment development and production cycle, characteristics of a large working capital, the state should Yanjiu reasonable payment way to increase the commitment to the task of major equipment companies, "closed loan" or other preferential loans; on projects funded by the state and there is no domestic manufacturing competitive products, the implementation of procurement policy priority the same conditions; on government investment in public construction projects (such as sewage treatment projects), in accordance with international common practice, the implementation of priority and other domestic products. 

④ products on fan performance 
Currently many projects tender, the tender will be some restrictive conditions, such as major equipment products are not application performance, not to be used. But then again, not the first to be used, will never be the performance of such products will always be dependent on imports. It is this access mechanism, so many companies spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources obtained research results have been shelved. 
On the "first" performance issues, this should be to showcase: First, the domestic enterprise product technology may not have the performance required by this project (for example, long natural gas pipeline with natural gas centrifugal compressor) However, there have been higher than the performance of the project, which should be regarded as a performance; second, Ministry of Machinery Industry has a past identity, the introduction of foreign technology products, foreign 
Performance of the business as if the performance of our business. In short, as long as the manufacturers have the corresponding technical reserves, including design, manufacturing and quality assurance system, there are similar products of performance, even with higher than necessary technical requirements for product performance products, the state should support the industry and users to create"first" performance. 

(3) several specific recommendations 
From the fan industry development trend and long-term, domestic and foreign markets have a greater development, which will be a corresponding demand for small wind turbine market grow, but the overall market for these products is oversupply. State macro-control policy, should be introduced to appropriate economic policies to restrict the further development of such enterprises, encourage enterprises to expand exports, open up foreign markets. 
For centrifugal and axial compressors such products, because of its complex structure, high technology, manufacturing cycle is long, there were only a few manufacturers able to produce. Domestic production of products in the domestic market share of only about 50%, meaning that there are about 50% of the products to be imported. Therefore, these products can not only limit its development, countries in the macro-control, taxes, and imported equipment, spare parts and a series of import policy, should also be given certain concessions and support, in particular, to encourage users to use domestic equipment. While the export of such equipment (mainly to developing countries and regions) should also be given appropriate incentives, to promote the production of such products, faster development of enterprise. 
Restructuring proposals: 
① industry key enterprises should be the product division, have focused on the specialized production, in order to facilitate bringing its technical advantages, but also help to further reduce costs, improve economic efficiency; 
② powerful industries and key enterprises should implement the joint, to enhance competitiveness in international markets, to avoid or reduce harm competition in the interests of domestic industry; 
③ for the domestic centrifugal fan, axial fan product oversupply situation, the proposed State Technical Supervision Bureau in conjunction with relevant government departments to take appropriate enforcement measures, poor production, poor product quality, enterprise, be limited production or shut down .