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Fan drive

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Mechanical energy generated by the impeller blades organic passed to the generator drive system inside the cabin, which includes a gear box, clutch, and a wind machine to make an emergency stop is reset when the brake system. Impeller speed gearbox used to increase, from 20 to 50 rev / assigned from 1000 to 1500 r / min, which is required to drive most of the generator speed. Gearbox can be a simple parallel shaft gearbox, which is different from the output shaft axis, or it can be a more expensive one, to allow input and output shaft collinear, the structure is more compact. Transmission according to power output and maximum dynamic torque load to the design. As the impeller power output fluctuations, some designers attempt to increase the mechanical flexibility and buffer driver to control the dynamic load, which is large-scale wind turbine is very important, because of its large dynamic loads, and the induction generator cushion small wind machines than small.