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Professional production of various types of fans

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Qingdao fan industry development analysis

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First, the historical development of the industry of Qingdao fan review
Fan is used for compression, a mechanical transmission of gas. Mainly used in mines, underground construction, underground power plant ventilation; boiler ventilation and the wind; chemical gas carriage of high-temperature corrosion; plant protection equipment, air conditioning and ventilation atoms, etc., uses a very broad, involving almost all areas of national economy , is a versatile machine category.
Before the founding of New China, China's wind turbine manufacturing industry is almost empty, only a few large cities have some of the repair shop, most of the fan dependent on imports.
After the founding of new China, a rapid development of wind turbine manufacturing industry. In the first five-year plan period, has established a number of professional factory to begin mass production of wind turbines. 1958, in Shenyang, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan and other places they were built a number of fan manufacturers. 50 years of China's fan industry is basically the use of the product or the Soviet Union Soviet Union drawings.
1960s China began to design and manufacture of imitation of Soviet products in the State Science and Planning Committee under the guidance of mechanical group, division of labor cooperation, design of new varieties, stereotypes and standardization, and to take prompt measures to improve the quality of existing products, greatly China's wind turbine designs to promote the improvement of manufacturing technology.
70 developed by China's many fans, raise the level of joint design, the introduction of foreign fans patented production technology, digestion and absorption, trial, significantly higher levels of the fans.
1980s, the introduction of foreign advanced technology paid off the fan, compressor and turbine to make our world a large fan into the ranks of advanced eighties.
Since the 1990s, China's fan industry greater development, the completion of fan industry output to grow rapidly. 1999, the State Administration of Machinery Industry 61 system manufacturers for the same price of 2.614 billion yuan industrial output value, export delivery value of $ 175.87 million, sales income of 2.545 billion yuan. Basically, the fan output and technology to meet the needs of all sectors of national economy, and some products have reached or approached international advanced level.
China's fan industry's products are centrifugal compressors, axial compressors, centrifugal blower, Roots blower, centrifugal fan, axial fan, leaf blowers 7 categories of products and other special fan. There are currently more than 200 series, more than 2,000 varieties.
Second, the Chinese fan industry overview
(A) Fan Features
1 fan Usage
Fan is mainly used to suction, transport, improve the flow of energy of a mechanical, mainly used in mines, underground construction, underground power plant ventilation; boiler ventilation and the wind; chemical high temperature corrosive gas emissions; plant air conditioning and atomic protective equipment, ventilation and so on. Fan is widely used, mainly for short auxiliary combustion, ventilation, transportation, involving almost all areas of the national economy.
2 types of fans
Fans can be divided according to their structure and mechanism:
(1) centrifugal: the principle is the use of centrifugal force or rotating impeller lift to transport fluid and increase its pressure. Obtained in a manner according to their energy into centrifugal fans and axial fans two. Mechanical structure of this type of fan, light weight, high efficiency, large and uniform flow, is connected with high-speed prime mover. Disadvantage is that flow changes, pressure and efficiency also change.
Centrifugal fans can be divided according to their level of air pressure generated:
* Centrifugal fan, air pressure is lower than or equal to 17400N / m, little or no gas is compressed, mainly for tunnel and mine ventilation, boiler air, the wind, air conditioning and ventilation.
* Centrifugal blowers, air pressure at 14700 ~ 34300N / m, is mainly used for transport of air, sintering flue gas, gas, sulfur dioxide and some chemical gas or gas mixture.
* Centrifugal compressor, air pressure in the 34300N / square meters, mainly for transport of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, coke oil, gas and other chemical gases catalyst for chemical plants, oil refineries and ethylene synthesis, urea, alkali, oil refining and so on.
(2) axial: principle also depend on the impeller rotation, blades create lift to transport fluid, the fluid energy into mechanical energy. As the fluid entering and leaving the impeller is axially, so called axial fan. Axial fan is a high specific speed, which is characterized by flow, wind down. Axial fan air pressure is generally 450N / m ~ 4500N / sq m, mainly for mines, tunnels, ships storage room ventilation; mill ventilation, industrial workplace ventilation, cooling; chemical gases to send ; thermal power plant boiler ventilation, the wind; thermal power plants, metallurgy, chemical cooling tower air cooling. At present, China is also under pressure axial fan size is divided into axial compressors and axial fans two.
(3) Rotary: using a pair of special shape or several rotary (gear screw, scraper or other shape of the rotor) rotating in the shell to do the completion of the delivery of gas or increase the pressure of a mechanical. This type of mechanical structure is simple, compact, safe and reliable, with high-speed prime mover connected. Rotary blower and leaf blower are mainly two types of blowers. Its characteristics are the size of displacement do not change with resistance, particularly for applications that require steady flow of the process. Generally not used in the required output flow and pressure in the 0.1 2kgf / square centimeter range, for small converter, blast cupola foundry, refinery hair, textile spray, pneumatic conveying, handling, and industrial gas tar , the chemical industry. Roots blower can also be used to increase the main pressure.
3 The main technical parameters of the fan
(1) Flow: the fan in the unit of time delivered volume flow or mass flow.
(2) air pressure: the increase in fluid within the fan energy per unit mass flow rate (flow per unit volume) obtained through the fan when the increase in energy value.
(3) Speed: the speed of the fan per minute.
(4) power or efficiency: unit of time after the fluid obtained through the fan energy (active power) and the original motivation to pass ratio of fan power.
(B) Overview of China's fan industry
According to the General Machinery Association, 1998, total production of wind turbine industry, 87 enterprises, including 15 large enterprises, 29 medium-sized and small enterprises 43. The past two years some of the township and village enterprises or village-run enterprises began to produce fan, but the products are mainly low-tech small fan, the scale is relatively small, little impact on the industry. 1999 Fans of the industry's sales revenue, total profit than in 1998, etc. decreased, but compared to other sectors of machinery industry, fan industry still maintained a good development.
Fans of the industry in recent years through to the output change research found that: affected by the macroeconomic situation, the main investment projects for the state or local matching of the compressor, blower production has declined, in which centrifugal blowers and leaf blowers were down in 1998 24.2% and 63.3%; and the application of towers, axial fan, and other types of fan output is stable. In 1998 the industry total output 218,122 sets of fan products, including: 59 sets of centrifugal compressor, axial compressor 12, 829 sets of centrifugal blower, Roots blower 7753 units, 81 sets of leaf blowers, centrifugal fan 67 230 units, axial fan 54 953 units, other fans 87 205 units,
From the production point of view, China's major wind turbine production capacity roughly as follows: about 100 sets of centrifugal compressors, axial compressors of about 20, more than 2,000 sets of centrifugal blowers. The last two years mainly products such as centrifugal compressor fan, axial compressors and other production are not high, and production capacity compared to the fan industry, the task is not full.
This year, after a preliminary understanding, the fan industry production is slightly better than the previous two years, but, in general, the major manufacturer has not yet reached full capacity status.
(C) the technological level of China's fan industry
Mainly from the wind turbine technology to measure the level of product standardization, universal, the degree of serialization and capacity, speed, efficiency and noise, and several other aspects of study. Product standardization, universal, serialization can reduce product costs, shorten production cycle, expanding product range, with less parts to reach a larger variety of application needs, product quality and process requirements are likely to be guaranteed, and can be used special equipment and assembly line operations, improve productivity and reduce product maintenance costs. Fans can use a large capacity unit replaced after a few units, which can reduce equipment and construction costs, saving materials, energy conservation, ease of management and use of automation technology. Increase the fan speed, you can save materials and reduce the size and weight, while transport and convenient use. Is a large fan with a wide range of general machinery, it is energy efficient and of great significance for the national economy. According to statistics, fan power consumption accounting for about 10% of generating capacity of 8. Therefore, improving the efficiency and fan efficiency is essential. Chinese fan industry technical staff has done a lot in improving the efficiency of research, most of the fans are close to the efficiency, reach or exceed 90%. Noise on people's hearing, vision, nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system and endocrine system are a serious hazard. Fan is a strong noise source. If the boiler blower noise up to 124dB. Noise control is also the majority of China's fan industry technical staff has been working is an important direction.
Currently the national fan industry equipment, meet 250 m2 sintering, 400 m3 blast furnace, 30,000 cubic meters oxygen, 60 kilowatts thermal power, 30 kilowatts nuclear power plant, 500 tons / year refinery catalytic cracking unit, 300,000 tons / year synthetic ammonia, 300,000 tons / year of ethylene, 520,000 tons / year urea plant, 500 tons / year of mine and other large process equipment required for various types of fans can basically meet the overall needs of our national economy.
In recent years, increasing the fan industry, export-oriented enterprises. Joint ventures with foreign enterprises to strengthen, the economic and technical cooperation, in particular, stepped up the introduction of foreign advanced technology. Industry, have 30 companies from Japan, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Britain and other countries to introduce fans manufacturing technology, advanced design methods, computer CAD technology, testing testing technology, flexible manufacturing systems, spraying techniques, to enhance new product design and development capability to continue to fill the domestic blank, and continue to improve product quality level, more and more users at home; reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, in order to make China's sustainable development strategy contributions; improve the production process, so that production efficiency has been improved.
Fans of the industry every year since 1994, according to the national economy requires the development of new products is rising each year reached about one hundred kinds. Enterprises to accelerate the pace of technological innovation and technology transfer. Shenyang Blower Works of major technology and equipment of national transformation, petrochemical equipment at home base (turbine compressor project), Shaanxi Blower Factory "85" special energy-saving technological transformation, Changsha Power Plant blower fan is about supporting projects ending or already ending. In particular, Shenyang Blower Works of CIMS (Computer Integrated Manufacturing System) application by the State enterprise CIMS Leadership Award, the compressor CAD / CAM systems have been classified Ministry of Machinery Industry "during the" first key promotional techniques. Changsha Blower Factory national key research projects granular powder pneumatic conveying equipment in the powder conveying blower hot blower, blower particle transport, mainly for polyethylene and polypropylene in granular powder delivery device, the level reached its kind in the world product level. The introduction of technology, the introduction of the German SBW KKK to accelerate the company's Meridian plant adjustable axial fan stationary blade manufacturing technology, Shaanxi drum from the British company has introduced a sintering Gauteng blower technology; Chongqing General Machinery Factory is carried out with the Japanese Hitachi technical cooperation.
Fans of the industry a number of key business transformation and introduction of technology in the industry played a good role model. Fan industry companies, take the path of technological innovation and technology development, the mature technology has been improved and optimized to improve the reliability of product design technology to enhance the strength of new product development; through technology transfer, direct digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology to shorten manufacturers with similar products from abroad, as soon as possible to make up for some major domestic projects in the required blank fan, have a greater practical significance. General machinery industry in 1996, 11 high-class product, the product accounted for two fans (blowers factory in Changsha, TS series, R series and Roots blower).
In recent years, technological innovation and technology transfer, so that our fan industry in the product standardization, serialization, universal, large-scale, high efficiency, low noise, etc. have made great progress, there has been a large number of international advanced level in products, reducing the gap with developed countries. But the industry as a whole, some of the history of long, heavy burden of state-owned enterprises by funding, institutional factors such as plague, with low skills. Meanwhile, some township and village enterprises and the technological level of technological content of products is relatively low. Overall, a considerable portion of the level of technology with industry manufacturers in developed countries still have 510-year gap. According to the third industrial census data show: Fans at the international level in use 10 years ago by the almost zero up to 13%; in the domestic advanced level by 4% in 1985 to 10%, at the domestic level by the backward 1985, 58% to 21%. While our data show that the average efficiency of wind turbine equipment 75%, 10 percentage points lower than abroad, the actual operation of the system efficiency is only 30 40% lower than in developed countries 15 20 percentage points.
(D) cost of the product composition and fans of price movements in recent years
1 fan cost of the product composition
The fan products, their production directly consumed mainly as follows: ① consumption of raw materials, mainly steel, cast iron, ② energy consumption, mainly electricity; ③ other consumption, mainly water. 1999, the State Administration of Machinery Industry respective 61 consumption of 43,724 tons of steel producers, nearly 11,930 tons of pig iron consumption, total energy consumption (equivalent of standard coal) nearly 60,744 tons. Because fans are often used in high temperature, corrosive environment, such as consumption of steel in high-quality carbon steel, structural steel, bearing steel, precision alloy steel and other larger proportion, generally about 70%.
For a single product, purchased primarily for the direct cost of standard parts, such as bearings, instruments, belts, valves and other basic standard parts, and steel, pig iron and other raw materials. From the cost structure analysis, 50% of the total cost for the amortized cost of the production process, administrative costs, staff salary costs, etc.; purchased steel, raw materials, about 40% of the total cost; and purchased standard parts of the total cost of roughly 10 %. In a large compressor products, ancillary motors, steam turbines normally specified by the user to buy. In the blower, fan and other products, purchased standard parts are complementary instruments, valves, couplings, ball bearings, etc., which all sorts of instruments, mostly supporting outsourcing.
From the fans to see the production process, parts and components are mostly standard parts, purchased easily. But fans are used for relatively harsh environment, higher for some materials, as China's steel product quality and improve the quality of the rich, now the fan industry's need for high temperature, corrosion, wear-resistant high-quality basic domestic steel to meet the requirements. Some of the key components for high temperature, corrosion resistance, impact resistance requirements through the spray, spray, spray aluminum and other processes to achieve.
From the industry point of view, fan products, cost of sales increasing year by year. All 61 companies in 1999 product sales cost 1.888 billion yuan, accounting for 74.2% of sales revenue, cost of sales of 1.2 billion yuan, accounting for 4.7% of sales revenue. Cost of sales per pound in 1994, up nearly doubled. While the product cost of sales on the rise, but its total sales revenue was little changed. Thus be inferred that the fan increase in prices, except for technical content increased, but mainly by raw material and energy prices cause.
(2) price movements in recent years
As fans of the variety of different models, so the fans are not the same product prices. In addition, some fans in recent years has it developed and produced, and therefore can not be analyzed price changes. Therefore, in the main analysis of this representative and changes in product prices.
Drum pressure fan D250 400 series; the current market price is generally between 10,000 and 40,000 yuan. D250-43-type blower which the market price of $ 310,000, up 185.3 percent five years.
Sintering fan D1900 D2800 series: prices between $ 900,000 400,000.
Power Blower AL-R180DW to AL-R300DW series in the market price between $ 900,000 350,000. Model AL-R250DW fan which, in 1996 the market price of $ 647,000, five years prices rose 90.2%, AL-R254DW type fan 96 is priced at 679,000 yuan in the market / station, 5 years, up 142.5 percent.
Boiler fan Y4-73-11 series and G4-73-11 Series 1996 $ 50,000 $ 60,000 market price in between.
Axial fan FZ35-11 series for the 1996 market price of about $ 17,000. For example, FZ35-11, 18 axial fan 96 years the market price of 16,200 yuan, up 49.0% 5-year period.
Roots blower L81-84WD product prices in the 100,000 or so, roughly five years rose 210%.
Centrifugal fan model specifications are more differences between different models is also great. If the minimum market price of R14-1.24 2.5 centrifugal fan 96 years $ 6,500, while the highest market price of 2MCL456H129 centrifugal fan 96 years the market price of 3521,000 yuan. Centrifugal blower, R60 series five years the market price rose 72.1 74.8%; SD60-200 model, RC-80-type, RD-125 type, RD-130 model, RE-150 type, RE-145 centrifugal fan market price five years 91.3 95.5% increase. Lower rate of increase of the L100 centrifugal fan, up 46.4%. 4-72-11 20B higher rate of increase in centrifugal fan, L2428 centrifugal fan, TRC-100 centrifugal fan, the rate of increase was 108.3%, 112.9%, 141.7%.
High-temperature fan is also a great price difference between different models. Higher market price, such as W9-35N015.5D high-temperature fan, 96-year market price of 970,000 yuan; market price, such as C80-1.35 lower temperature fan 96 is priced at 130,000-140,000 yuan in the market.
There are also axial blower (840,480 yuan / station), axial fan (1,307,000 dollars / unit), jet fans (60,800 yuan / station), a large centrifugal blower (340,380 yuan / station), the general centrifugal fan (21,570 yuan / Taiwan), Roots blower ($ 63,500 / unit), turbine centrifugal fan ($ 63,500 / unit), marine fans (2,470 yuan / Taiwan).
General point of view, a large fan as steel, energy price increases, coupled with the technical content increase, price increases generally higher, up to 200%. The small fan is because by the raw materials, energy prices affect the small, little change in level of technology, so the price increase is lower.
(E) the development of profiles of foreign fan industry
As the fan is in the power generation, chemical and other industrial applications a wider range of general machinery, foreign products developed for the manufacture of fans is also very seriously. The world's large wind turbine manufacturer are Japan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the United States. Large wind turbine manufacturers are Hitachi of Japan, Ebara, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Sichuan Island Heavy Industries, Ltd., etc.; British companies are James Gauteng; Germany de Gede Lava Turbomachinery companies and KKK company; Switzerland mainly Sulzer Corporation.
Fans, the conditions of our country different from the industrial countries, small and medium sized fan is labor-intensive products, low value-added, advanced industrial countries will no longer invest heavily in technology and processes, but still improve product quality, reduce costs, ease of maintenance, environmental protection, focusing on four aspects of product improvements. Advanced technology developed primarily for high centrifugal, axial flow compressors and other large fans are more concerned about. Some well-known manufacturers, such as the Swiss company Sulzer fans not only production but also production of steam turbines, boilers and large diesel engines and other equipment used for large projects. For fans, foreign companies focused on improving the quality of the mechanical efficiency and durability, saving energy to save resources and direction; the cost is to enhance the development of new materials to reduce material consumption, and focus on reducing the total cost of the entire system; from the components in the maintenance of universal, simplified maintenance for parts to automation, no maintenance, saving manpower direction; in environmental protection, focusing on seeking safe and reliable, the low noise, low vibration, anti-pollution technology direction.
The current world's advanced industrial countries large fan product development main features are: 1. To energy, conservation of resources as the core, improve the efficiency and durability of one-piece, and to improve overall system efficiency. 2 strengthen the system of automated, incident alert system development, saving maintenance and monitoring aspects of the human. 3 In order to improve competitiveness and strive to include ancillary components, including product standardization and combination of. 4, further strengthened the low-noise, low vibration technology research. 5. Continued need for new, developing new products. 6 In the process, the introduction of flexible manufacturing systems, to maximize the automation of production. Most fans have different characteristics according to user needs requirements, mostly in small batch production, especially in some large fans and even single and small batch production, the complexity of the process requirements. The current low level of domestic production automation, and abroad through the development and adoption of flexible manufacturing systems, to improve the automation of production. In the United States, the production of small fans have all been done through automated line, from the perspective of technology to improve product quality, reduce product cost.
From product variety, developed in large compressors, centrifugal blowers, axial blowers and other products still account for a large advantage. Japan, for example, 95-year fan of China's annual output of about 1.5 times (due to foreign products and our criteria for the classification is different from the data for the estimation of this paragraph), the production of small and medium fan and the number of roughly equal or even lower than that of China, However, centrifugal, axial compressor production in China is about 2 times, centrifugal blowers for the country's 10 times. Meanwhile, China's output of small axial blowers, is essentially a blank, but the fans in Japan accounted for about 20% of annual production. From 85 to 94 years the situation, centrifugal and axial compressor production in China of 537 units, 2364 units in Japan, Japan is five times more than centrifugal blower in China to 9980 units, up 176,911 units in Japan is China's 17.7 times. In contrast to the situation with 95, narrowed the gap with China.
Developed countries, large compressors, blowers produce larger-scale enterprises with annual sales of billions of dollars generally, the proportion of export sales of its relatively large, at between 20-70%. Such as the United States, Clark, exports accounted for 30-40% of sales; Demag of Germany and Switzerland, Sulzer exports have accounted for about 60% of sales.
Third, the main medium-sized enterprises Profile
1999, the State Administration of Machinery Industry and medium-sized enterprises owned 24 industrial output value of 1.81 billion yuan, accounting for industrial output value of 69.25%. In 1998 sales by the domestic production of the top five companies are: Zhejiang upper hand (708.17 million yuan), Shenyang Blower Works (349.18 million yuan), Shaanxi Blower (315.07 million yuan), Shanghai Blower (208.6 million yuan), Shandong HSBC (93.99 million yuan). Exports of the top 5 are: Zhejiang upper hand (62.52 million yuan), Shaanxi Blower (4026 million), Shanghai Blower (3142 million), Shenyang Blower (1828 million), Wuhan Blower (871 million).
Fourth, the impact of fan demand analysis of the main factors
(A) macro-economic environment affect the demand for fans
Fan products for compression, transmission of gas, for several economic sectors, using the towers, the general machinery. China's rapid economic development, the domestic market, increasing demand for wind turbines; national economic growth rate slowed down, especially when there are fewer national key projects, domestic market demand for a smaller fan. Situation in recent years, rapid economic development in 1993, the same domestic market demand for larger fans, fans of industrial development is relatively fast. Although domestic economic growth in 1995 less than 94 years, but due to the "85" program ending effect, fan industry output growth roughly unchanged from the previous year, 96-year fan industry output growth rate over the previous year a considerable decline. 97 to 99 years, as economic growth fell steadily, fan industry also showed the trend of steady decline. This shows that the fan industry by the state a greater impact on national economic development.
(B) the related industries of fan demand for the product analysis
1 thermal power industry, the impact of the wind turbine market
Positive development of electricity-based energy industry, is China's long-term strategic objectives, countries have established "to develop thermal power, and actively develop hydropower, the proper development of nuclear power," power construction. Fan industry fan charged with the task of power plant facilities, including Shanghai Blower Works, Shenyang Blower Factory, Wuhan Blower Factory, Chengdu Power Machinery Plant for the production of the major manufacturers of wind turbine power station. Each group generally requires large-scale thermal power wind turbine 6 (blower, a fan, fan the two sets). At present China's thermal power capacity was added 10 million kilowatts, according to the average unit total capacity of 300,000 kilowatts, about 30 large thermal power units, large power plant each year so fans need to be around 200 to 300. Demand is more significant.
Energy is China's development priorities and investment than the major