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Marine fan

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Marine vertical axial flow fan

I. Overview:
   Marine vertical axial flow fan (hereinafter referred to as ventilator) for ship cabin ventilation, both for the cabin lost air, but also by the cabin ventilation, air can be transported by air with sea salt and battery with a natural evaporation the formation of a small amount of acid vapors. Be delivered air temperature does not exceed 50 ℃.

Second, characteristics:

CLZ mainly by the fan motor, impeller, casing, diffuser cone, rectifiers and other components.

--- By a shell made ​​of steel plate thick enough, the inner cylinder, outer cylinder and stationary blade of three parts. Import and export of both ends of the outer tube flange for connection with the ventilation pipe. Inside and outside the tube connecting the middle of the static blades, the wind still leaves the role of lead while underway.

--- Motor motor plant dedicated motor. Fully enclosed structure, on their own ventilation, resistance to salt spray, vibration and shock, as built-in motor (including loading the barrel), the motor type is ZZF-H-type marine motor (rated voltage 220V) and YH marine induction motor (rated voltage 220V / 380V two kinds).

--- From the impeller hub and a set of wing-type blades, the strict balancing test, leaves a low-noise front-swept refined pressure casting alloy.

--- Rectifier and the diffuser cone is to reduce the airflow high fan efficiency vortex Tam designed, when installed on the outlet side rectifier, the diffuser cone mounted on the outlet side, the way the surface is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic layer - purpose primer and marine paint ornaments.
型号 转速
风压 配电机型号 功率
CLZ1-Z 2800 1600 200 ZZT2/30-H 0.2
CLZ1-J AO2-H6322 0.25
CLZ2-Z 2800 1600 350 ZZT4/30-H 0.4
CLZ2-J AO2-H7122 0.55
CLZ3-Z 2800 2500 300 ZZT4/30-H 0.4
CLZ3-J AO2-H7122 0.55
CLZ4-Z 2830 2500 500 ZZT8/30-H 0.8
CLZ4-J Y-H80L1-2 0.75
CLZ5-Z 2830 4000 400 ZZT8/30-H 0.8
CLZ5-J Y-H80L1-2 0.75
CLZ6-Z 2840 4000 700 ZZT15/30-H 1.5
CLZ6-J Y-H90S-2 1.5
CLZ7-Z 2840 6000 750 ZZT22/30-H 2.2
CLZ7-J Y-H90L-2 2.2
CLZ8-Z 2870 9000 800 ZZT30/30-H 3.0
CLZ8-J Y-H100L-2 3.0
CLZ9-Z 1430 12000 500 ZZT30/15-H 3.0
CLZ9-J Y-H100L2-4 3.0
CLZ10-Z 1440 12000 900 ZZT55/15-H 5.5
CLZ10-J Y-H132S-4 5.5
CLZ11-Z 1440 16000 500 ZZT40/12-H 4.0
CLZ11-J Y-H112M-4 4.0
CLZ12-Z 1440 16000 1100 ZZT75/15-H 7.5
CLZ12-J Y-H132M-4 7.5
CLZ13-Z 1440 25000 600 ZZT75/15-H 7.5
CLZ13-J Y-H132M-4 7.5
CLZ14-Z 1460 25000 1100 ZZT130/15-H 13.0
CLZ14-J Y-H160L-4 15.0