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Anti-corrosion fan

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Anti-corrosion centrifugal fan


  F4-72 FRP centrifugal fan is a fan of the light metal-type parameters 4-72 of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials produced.
Fans of the series can be delivered with acid-base composition and chemical composition of corrosive gases. Does not allow the transmission of gas with viscous material, contained
Dust and hard particles ≤ 150mg/m3, gas temperature ≤ 60 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 100%. Fans of the series has a high strength, weight
Light, easy to aging, good corrosion resistance, low noise, smooth running characteristics. Is an ideal general-purpose corrosion fans.
Fans of the series is widely used in chemical, plating, oxidation, power plants, laboratories, circuit boards, environmental protection equipment and other corrosive gases
Body sites.
BF4-72 FRP centrifugal fan is explosion-proof conditions of use based on customer configuration EXdI or EXdII class A, B grade separated explosion
Made from the type of motor. Can be transported with methane, ethane, propane, styrene, toluene, xylene, carbon monoxide, acetic acid,
Kerosene, gasoline, furans and other flammable, explosive volatile gases. The installation dimensions and performance parameters and F4-72 FRP centrifugal ventilation
The same machine. (B) F4-72 (C type) FRP centrifugal fan impeller is water-cooled oil cooler seat or seat belt and motor drive by the corner.
The benefit is to reduce the corrosion of motor, reducer, reduce motor load and so on, thereby increasing fan life.