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High pressure air

Professional production of various types of fans

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High-pressure adsorption fan sander

High-pressure adsorption of various woodworking fan. Woodworking machinery factory fan. Long and short intervals welded blades, and after balancing calibration, have greatly improved fan efficiency, fan noise, low vibration and so on. Welcome to the new and old customers call Advisory :0532 -82,526,625 fan of motor direct drive, by the impeller, casing, inlet, motor and other components. As a result of direct drive motors, fans, compact structure, small footprint, easy installation and maintenance. Fan material non-corrosive gas, gas within the allowed with viscous material, contained in the dust and hard particles is not greater than 150mg/m3. The fan can also be used for other applications requiring high pressure ventilation. la60b.lxb60 series of high-pressure centrifugal fan mainly for woodworking machinery and equipment supporting the transmission of gas species is not more than 80 ℃ in air and other non-self-ignition of the harmless, harmless material for steel!