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High pressure air

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9-14 high pressure air

 Product Type: Product Description :9-14 series suitable for high-pressure forced air furnace and blacksmith. Can be widely used in transportation of materials, transport is not spontaneous combustion air and non-corrosive, non-sticky material gas, the medium temperature can not exceed 80 ℃, the medium contained in the dust and hard particles less than 150mg/m3
气流方向 离心风机 材质 铁壳风机
风机压力 高压风机 类型 抽风机
性能 低噪音风机 用途 管道风机
轴功率 7.5(kw) 转速 2900(r/mim)
配套电机功率 5.5(kw) 适用范围 锻冶炼及高压强制通风