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Bag dust collector

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ZC type bag cleaning filter

ZC-72 / 3 mechanical rotary cleaning flat bag filter

Technical parameters:
Handle the amount of dust; 15300m3 / h
Filter area: 170m2
Filtration velocity: 1.5m/min
Bag Total: 72
Resistance: 1500Pa
Efficiency: 99.9%
Dimensions: ¢ 2530 × 6030
4 fans :4-72 № 6C
Technical parameters:
Airflow: 16511m3 / h
Total pressure: 2396Pa
Motor: Y160L-4
Power: 18.5KW
Speed: 2240r/min

Dust removal equipment Technical Notes

1 Introduction

ZC rotary cleaning flat bag filter is a machine developed at the Department of Design Institute, a new technologically advanced bag filter. The dust collected at home and abroad since 1974, the relevant information, and begin the design and development work in 1975, successfully developed a filter area of ​​150 square meters of China's first rotary cleaning jet flat bag filter prototype, preliminary debugging success. January 1976 officially off for machine repair plant machine pit of sand dust, made in 1978, 500 square meters of mechanical rotary cleaning flat bag filter for the furnace flue gas purification system, the new Shanghai and Shanghai in 1979, steel plant made of 1000 square meters of collaborative mechanical rotary sub-ring cleaning flat bag filter, run over the years proved that this filter has high efficiency, low resistance, easy maintenance and reliable operation, the process for fine dust recovery and purification of dust emission concentrations well below the national regulations. Ministry of Machine Design Institute 1978 held in Shanghai exchange at the furnace flue gas purification, the filter has received a higher rating, now it has gradually in the mechanical, metallurgical plants and other departments to promote the use of electricity. Depending on the design at the General Hospital has improved the situation, tends to be more perfect, the current development model to lll.

The filter structure using physical force uniform Park, antiknock Tonghao, compact structure, using high pressure air cleaning dust, from air conditions, the use of automatic control of cleaning dust resistance to extend the bag to save energy use, cold regions indoor installation outdoor installation in other areas can be widely used in machinery, foundry, mining, smelting, building materials, food chemicals and many other departments.

Users should note that use of high temperature, concentration, fine particles of dust should be used in type A, whereas the B type is appropriate, such as concentrations greater than 15 g / m 3 should be added in front of a cyclone. (Crude nuclear dust for the discretion of the relaxation).

ZC rotary cleaning flat bag filter is a machine at the Department of Design Institute developed a new technologically advanced bag filter. This filter has high efficiency, low resistance, easy maintenance, operation and reliable.