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Bag dust collector

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MF9075 transverse four cylinder Dust Collector

Mobile dust collector bag use: dust collector can place near the dust, no piping, save money, a substantial increase in convenience and mobility. For sandblasting, grinding, woodworking, grinding, cutting, etc., cleaning powder, cotton dust, wood chips for use.

Mobile dust collector bag features: the dust collector cyclone dust collector machine used vacuum cleaner with bag of expertise, an exceptionally strong suction.
Motor power (Kw) 7.5Kw, 11Kw
Air flow (m / h) 8000m / h
Wind speed (m / sec) 40-50m/sec
Suction outlet size ф6 "× 5 (according to user requirements)
Dust collection bags ф630 × 2 + ф180 × 24
Dimensions (mm) 2350 × 1000 × 3150mm
Packing size (mm) (2350 × 1000 × 1700), (2350 × 1000 × 1300) mm