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Bag dust collector

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MF9030 Binocular Dust Collector

Bag vacuum cleaner "design principle is based on the combined company's minicomputer supporting devices manufactured dust removal device, which installation of the fan support and increase the structure of multi-port vacuum, mobile and flexible, and easy cleaning features.
Features: using a special cloth bag sewn, removable and washable for multiple use, low power, low power consumption, dust effect. Universal mobile base at the end of a round, easy to use mobile station.
Widely used: metal polishing, powder dust, wood dust generated sites such as vacuuming, dusting, recycling purification.

Model Motor Power(Kw) Wind  Wind size Dust bag set
MF9022 2.2 2300 20-25 ф4"×3 ф480×2
MF9030 3 3100 35-40 ф4"×3 ф480×4
MF9040 4 4400 35-40 ф4"×4 ф630×4
MF9055 5.5 6000 40-45 ф4"×6 ф630×4
MF9075 7.5 7500 40-45 ф4"×6 ф630×4
MF9075A 7.5 8000 40-45 ф4"×6 ф630×8