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Environmental dust

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Stand-alone unit a dust PL

First, the working principle
Inhalation of dust and gas from the dust cover box, the bag filter, dust is the outer surface of the bag retention, purified gases discharged by the fan through the outlet can be directly discharged into the interior, may also need to exhaust outdoors. As the host continues to work, increasing the dust filter bag surface, then the cleaning, the dust shake off the dust collector (drawer), the re-processed by hand.
Second, the characteristics
The dust collector is a cost effective operation of the unit in place for dust removal. Widely used in pharmaceutical industry (such as: tablet presses, granulators, sugar pot, mixer, grinder, sieve shaker, weighing and other process equipment) to remove dust, as well as electronic, mechanical processing, biological, chemical, food, foundry, building materials, ceramics, handling, mining and metallurgical industries purification dust. The general proportion of small, fine metal chips, dust, sand casting, plastic powder, bakelite powder, charcoal powder, gypsum powder, cement, etc. within a certain range have good effect of dust collection efficiency is greater than the percent Jiushi Nine point five.
Also according to customer requirements of PL-A / B type stand-alone filter. Welcome to contact us.
The main parameters PL-800 PL-1100 PL-1600 PL-2200 PL-2700 PL-3200 PL-4500 PL-6000
Airflow (m3 / h) 800 1100 1600 2200 2700 3200 4500 6000
Owned by the pressure (mmH2O) 100 100 100 100 120 150 180 200
Filter area (m2) 4 7 10 12 13.6 15.3 21.5 30
Filtration velocity (m / s) 3.33 2.62 2.66 3.05 3.30 3.48 3.49 3.33