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JZC mechanical stylus bag filter

 I developed JZC latest series of mechanical vibration bag filter is a replacement product. Its technical performance has reached the technological level of similar foreign products, it is industry, wood dust for a very clean and ineffective dust removal equipment with mechanical rotary pulse jet bag filter and bag filter cleaning compared with the next state benefits:

1, using the attractive appearance of the square box-shaped structure, air inlet baffle separation of coarse particles has a function to avoid direct impact air bag dust, greatly reducing the bag load.

2, the mechanical vibration mode cleaning, simple manufacturing process, low energy consumption, less wearing parts, dealing with large amount of wind.

3, using a round bags hanging in the dust on the inside of the vibrating tube, no skeleton, saving material.

4, under the filter type used in wind and mechanical vibration into the body, cleaning effect, the viscosity of a certain temperature can also clean up the dust.

5, more than 99.5% collection efficiency, dust concentration far below the "GBJ4-73" the relevant provisions.

     The dust also has a series of compact, small size, light weight, high efficiency, small resistance, easy maintenance, reliable operation, low operation cost, and efficiency is good.
Dust Model HR2-8 HR424 LTS-12 LTS-20
wind(m3/h) 5000-6000 12000-15000 13000 20000
Filter area(m2) 96 288 180 300
The number of filter 8 24 12 20
Filter specifications(mm) φ350×240×660 φ350×240×660 φ324×1000 φ324×1000