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Water Curtain Spray Booth

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MF9010A curtain painting sets

This series of models is mainly used for various industries and paint spray booth for painting exhaust gas processing plant assembly line, which is characterized by the smell generated when paint can, and a small amount of paint particles and the spray device through the multi-layer curtain filtered through exhaust emissions to paint outside the room to play both clean paint job and the external environment, but also can spray paint the finished surface smooth. Coupled with the unique double-curtain, can float in the mist under the roof the mouth pumped through the upper curtain. It is simple to use and secure, is a new type of environmentally friendly products.

Model Water curtain
Exhaust fan 
Exhaust air
MF9220A 2000mm 2.2kw 22000 1.5kw 2550*1450*2150
MF9225A 2440mm 2.2kw 22000 1.5kw 3000*1450*2150
MF9230A 3000mm 1.5kw*2 18000*2 1.5kw 3550*1450*2150
MF9235A 3500mm 1.5kw*2 18000*2 2.2kw 4050*1450*2150
MF9240A 4000mm 1.5kw*2 18000*2 2.2kw 4550*1450*2150
MF9245A 4500mm 1.5kw*3 18000*3 2.2kw 5050*1450*2150
MF9250A 5000mm 1.5kw*3 18000*3 2.2kw 5550*1450*2150
MF9255A 5500mm 1.5kw*3 18000*3 2.2kw 6050*1450*2150
MF9260A 6000mm 1.5kw*4 18000*4 2.2kw 6550*1450*2150